It's a Great Day to Be a LOGGER!

In the Mornings :
Please drop off your students at the elementary entrance, not in the commons or office. 
 The door Opens at 8:00

In the Afternoons:
 Pick up is a drive-through at 3:10
After-school plans need to be called in the office no later than 2:00 pm. 
Thank you!
Breakfast at 8:00-8:15
School starts at 8:15

Elementary School Supply List

Life Skills:

No classroom supplies needed.

5th Grade:

2 dozen #2 pencils

3 composition notebooks

1 set of earbuds

1 regular sized backpack

4th Grade:

1 set of earbuds or headphones

1 regular sized backpack

3rd Grade:

1 pencil box

2 pocket folders

1 regular sized backpack

1 set of earbuds or headphones

2nd Grade:

1 regular sized backpack

1st Grade:

1 pencil box

1 regular sized backpack


1 plastic pencil box

1 box wide-tip markers (Crayola)

1 box of Crayola Crayons

1 dollar store metal tray (14.5" x10")

1 regular size backpack (no wheels or mini-sized backpacks)

*Please NO pencil sharpeners



Onalaska Elementary School Handbook Insert


The 2021-2022 school year will be like no other students, parents, teachers, and staff have ever experienced in the time of a pandemic year. Many things have had to have the flexibility and are rapidly changing. The student handbook is a collective document of guidance, expectations, policies, and mandated laws. While the overall handbook will not change, this insert updates specific items that pertain to the pandemic just for the 2021-2022 school year. As continued guidance from the Lewis County Health Department, State of Washington, and OSPI is provided to schools; this document may be altered to reflect mandated changes.  

Social Distancing Protocols:

Masks- Required at all times on school grounds, and on the bus, but not during recess. If a student has a medical exemption, shields are provided. No masks outside.

Shields with a drape- Allowed in the classroom. Shields must have drapes.

6 ft. distancing- Must be observed when possible and when eating or drinking. The classroom settings are currently set to 3 ft distancing for academics.

Entry, exit, and hallway procedures follow social distancing protocols as well.


The emergency rule specifies additional reasons that a students’ absence must be excused. 

• Absences related to the student’s illness, health condition, or medical appointments due to COVID-19;

• Absences associated with caring for a family member who has an illness, health condition, or medical appointment due to COVID-19; 

• Absences related to the student’s employment or other family obligations* during regularly scheduled school hours that are temporarily necessary due to COVID-19 until other arrangements can be made, including placement in a more flexible education program; 

• Absences due to the student’s parent’s work schedule or other obligations during regularly scheduled school hours, until other arrangements can be made; 

• Absences due to the student’s lack of necessary instructional tools, including internet broadband access or connectivity, stability, reliability, outages, etc. 

• Other COVID-19 related circumstances as determined between school and parent or emancipated youth. 

*Note: Other family obligations include when a student must care for younger siblings. See the emergency rule Chapter 392-401A WAC for the complete list of excused reasons.

Technology: Student Chromebooks, student email, and school accounts are the property of the Onalaska School District. Misuse of OSD-provided technology will result in revoking privileges, the student may be moved to hardcopy packets if necessary, and a referral may be issued.

Food Service:  Free breakfasts and lunches are available. 

Fall Conferences: At this time, the format for conferences has not been established. More information will be available as we get close to November. 

Class parties and treats: Unfortunately, family members are unable to participate in any class parties. All treats must be store-bought and individually wrapped. 

Visitors: With the uncertainty of these times and striving to keep students and staff safe, we are allowing one visitor or volunteer per classroom a day. We look forward to the day we can invite our families back into our facilities. Thank you for your patience during this time.