It's a Great Day to Be a LOGGER!

In the Mornings :
Please drop off your students at the elementary entrance, not in the commons or office. 
 Door Opens at 8:00

In the Afternoons:
 Pick up is a drive-through at 3:10
After school plans need to be called in the office no later than 2:00 pm. 
Thank you!
Breakfast at 8:00-8:15
School starts at 8:15

Elementary School Supply List

Life Skills:

No classroom supplies needed.

5th Grade:

2 dozen #2 pencils

3 composition notebooks

1 set of earbuds

1 regular sized backpack

4th Grade:

1 set of earbuds or headphones

1 regular sized backpack

3rd Grade:

1 pencil box

2 pocket folders

1 regular sized backpack

1 set of earbuds or headphones

2nd Grade:

1 regular sized backpack

1st Grade:

1 pencil box

1 regular sized backpack


1 plastic pencil box

1 box wide-tip markers (Crayola)

1 box of Crayola Crayons

1 dollar store metal tray (14.5" x10")

1 regular size backpack (no wheels or mini-sized backpacks)

*Please NO pencil sharpeners




AUGUST 31, 2021


Onalaska Elementary School Handbook Insert


The 2020-2021 school year will be like no other students, parents, teachers, and staff have ever experienced in the time of a pandemic year. Many things have had to have flexibility and are rapidly changing. The student handbook is a collective document of guidance, expectations, policies, and mandated laws. While the overall handbook will not change, this insert updates specific items that pertain to the pandemic just for the 2020-2021 school year. As continued guidance from the Lewis County Health Department, State of Washington, and OSPI is provided to schools; this document may be altered to reflect mandated changes.  

Social Distancing Protocols:

Masks- Required at all times on school grounds, including recess and the bus. If a student has a medical exemption, shields are provided. However, students are unable to wear shields at recess.

Shields- Allowed in the classroom, but a student must change to a mask when he/she exits the classroom for other activities.

6 ft. distancing- Must be observed at all times when possible. The classroom settings are currently set to reflect this protocol. Entry, exit, and hallway procedures observe social distancing protocols as well.

Learning Platforms: If a parent/student decides to change from their learning platform, it will take three business days to make the change. For example, if a student participates through remote learning and wants to begin attending in-person, the office needs to be notified by the parent, and the student can begin in-person attendance three business days after office notification. If a student participates in hybrid in-person learning and wants to switch to remote learning, the office must be notified by the parent, and the change will be made in three business days.  


The emergency rule specifies additional reasons that a students’ absence must be excused. 

• Absences related to the student’s illness, health condition, or medical appointments due to COVID-19;

• Absences related to caring for a family member who has an illness, health condition, or medical appointment due to


• Absences related to the student’s employment or other family obligations* during regularly scheduled school hours that are temporarily necessary due to COVID-19 until other arrangements can be made, including placement in a more flexible education program; 

• Absences due to the student’s parent’s work schedule or other obligations during regularly scheduled school hours, until other arrangements can be made; 

• Absences due to the student’s lack of necessary instructional tools, including internet broadband access or connectivity, stability, reliability, outages, etc. 

• Other COVID-19 related circumstances as determined between school and parent or emancipated youth. 

*Note: Other family obligations include when a student must care for younger siblings. 

See the emergency rule Chapter 392-401A WAC for the complete list of excused reasons.

Technology: Student Chromebooks, student email, and school accounts are the property of the Onalaska School District. Misuse of OSD provided technology will result in revoking privileges, the student may be moved to hardcopy packets if necessary, and a referral may be issued.

Food Service: Temporarily, free breakfasts and lunches are available for pickup from the cafeteria. Online forms will open Monday, October 12th, to complete.

Fall Conferences: will take place via a Zoom meeting or conference call. 

Class parties and treats: Unfortunately, at this time, we can not allow parents to join the class parties. Treats are permissible if they are store bought and individually wrapped.

Visitors: With the uncertainty of these times and striving to keep students and staff safe, we are not allowing visitors or volunteers to come into the building at this time. We look forward to the day we can invite our families back into our facilities. Thank you for your patience during this time.