March 21st Early Release Day

Middle School
   Quality instruction requires that teachers have a research-based framework for how instruction should be organized in ways that promote student learning of the content areas.  The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) provides our leaders and teachers with the skills necessary to support excellent classroom practice through work that is thoughtful, intentional, and focused.  The intent of our research-based instructional framework, the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D), composed of the core elements that constitute high-quality teaching.

On March 21st, the middle school staff received their fourth training on instructional frameworks. The CEL facilitator lead us through one of many, on-site classroom walkthroughs to help  us practice using the 5D instructional framework within the context of their own school and district.  Participants gather evidence of teacher pra ctice
and student learning to assist in their analysis of classroom instruction and to guide the improvement of teaching and learning.

Elementary School
    Effective schools continuously strive to improve practices to achieve better outcomes for students. This ensures that the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework remains relevant to the needs of our school. During this stage, teachers evaluate their progress, adjust practices based on the evaluation and monitor changes to ensure sustainability of RTI.

Training on website usage    On March 21st, elementary teachers met to examine and refine guidelines and pathways to deeper understanding of student needs.  
    In addition, teachers received training and awareness of how to create their own classroom website.