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Audrey Wentzel - Kindergarten Teacher

To contact me:
360-978-4115 ex. 1202

We are starting the year with various Nursery Rhymes.  The first one is "Roses Are Red".    

Math:  Working on the concepts onumbers and shapes.

Events coming up:
Sept. 7th - Kindergarten starts

Don't Forget!  Save those Boxtops!

Snacks:  If you would like to provide snacks, your child can bring them in   
  the morning.  If you find something that starts with "R" or is red in color -for "Roses are Red" (Nursery Rhyme) would be great. 

Specialists Schedule:

Monday - Library
Tuesday - Computers
Wednesday - P.E.
Thursday - Music
Friday - P.E.

Happy Fall!

Audrey Wentzel,
Sep 24, 2018, 3:45 PM