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Deb Richardson


Welcome to fifth grade science.  This year in Science students will be learning about Life, Physical, Earth and Space Sciences. Students will learn about Earth's systems, Earth and Human Activity, and studying the Engineering Design.
Assignments are given throughout the week, examples: vocabulary, making connections to the text and real world relations, notes to help reinforce the lesson of the day, and comprehension questions.  All work is due on Friday.  Points are taken off for late work.  Students will have Open Book Tests, these test cannot be retaken.  Students will take a brain test, these tests can be retaken to bring up a failing grade.  Level 4 and 3 are passing scores, level 2s and 1s are not passing.  Students who score a Level 1 or 2, are highly recommended to retake the test. 



What's new in 5th grade?

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