Mrs. Olsen's Second Grade

Contact Information
Heather Olsen
Phone: 360-978-4111 ext. 1

Specialist schedule:
Monday       : Library
Tuesday      : PE
Wednesday : PE
Thursday    : Music
Friday        : Computers

*Please dress appropriately for PE and wear good shoes for running.


10/24 : Community Dinner at 5 pm
10/25 : Anti-Bullying Day - wear                 orange
10/31 - 11/3 : Early Release for                 parent/teacher conferences
10/31 : Classroom Halloween Party             (12:00-1:00)
10/31 : Book orders due

What is happening in our class?

21 Day Kindness Challenge:
Our school is currently participating in the 21 Day Kindness Challenge. The goal is for each student to find 5 acts of kindness they observe or receive each day and complete a kindness strip. We have an incredibly kind class and have completed over 400 kindness strips in the first 2 weeks!
Thursday high school athletes visited our classroom to discuss the importance of kindness both on and off the field/court. We had such a great time!

Fire Prevention Week:
This week we had visitors from the the fire department to discuss the importance of fire safety. We also were able to tour an ambulance and practice our safety in the smoke house. Please ask your student what they learned and how to be safe at home.

Next week we will begin working with multiple-step word problems. We will also continue to practice our math fluency.

Our focus in reading next week will be on main idea and details. We will be finding the main idea in our reading and the supporting details. Please encourage your student to use these skills in their reading at home as well.

This upcoming week we will be completing our unit on states of matter. We have been learning about solids, liquids, and gases and the properties of each state. Our last week will include experiments and observations about states of matter.
Spelling words for October 16 - October 20:

1.   that
2.   when
3.   them
4.   itch
5.   wish
6.   what
7.   shape
8.   chase
9.   patch
10. math
11. whale
12. bunch