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Jenny Stonum

Welcome to Miss Stonum's second grade class!!      
Last update: 2/20/17        
This week's spelling list
1. around
2. sound
3. toy
4. moist
5. out
6. flower
7. noise
8. coil
9. gown
10. howl
11. royal
12. cow

Bonus Words
13. world
14. push

This week's words focus on words with the ow sound spelled ow, oi, ou and oy.

Vocabulary Words
1. grains
2. materials
3. particles
4. seeps
5. substances
6. texture

Focus Vocabulary
1. transform
2. prefer
Focus Vocabulary- Starting this week we will have two vocabulary words that we will be focusing on every week. Mondays and Tuesdays the students will be introduced to a new vocabulary word. We will do some word work with that word. On Thursdays we will review both words. After that students are encouraged to look for the new words in their reading. This new focus on vocabulary words is to strengthen their word knowledge.

- This week in reading we are focusing on fact and opinion.

Students will be finding facts and opinions in their reading. Have your child find one fact and one opinion in the book they are reading at home.

Remember to have your child read at least 20 minutes every day at home!

Math- We are currently using a walk to math model. Students are grouped based on needs in math. Your student may see myself, Mrs. Card, or Mrs. Olsen for math. We check in on students regularly and adjust groups as needed.

If your child sees me for math we are working on the foundations of multiplication. We are working on creating an array with a repeated addition problem. An array is an arrangement of squares into equal columns and rows to represent a multiplication problem. Have your child show you an array to match 4 columns of 3 (4x3).

Homework- Homework is now sent home as a weekly packet. Packets will go home Mondays and be due the following Monday. Walk to math teachers will also send home supplemental homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This homework is due as soon as your child completes it.

Specialist Schedule

Mondays- Computers
Tuesdays- Library
Wednesdays- P.E.

*Please dress appropriately on PE days with good shoes for running. Tennis shoes are recommended.

*It's cold and rainy outside. Make sure your child wears close toed shoes and a jacket every day.

Early Release Days
A-No Specialist
B- Specialist

This Wednesday is a "B" day.