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Jenny Stonum

Welcome to Miss Stonum's second grade class!!      
Last update: 9/19/17         
This week's spelling list
1. page
2. size
3. late
4. race
5. nose
6. fine
7. huge
8. rice
9. space
10. mice
11. blaze
12. vote

Bonus Words
13. live
14. move

This week's words focus on long vowel sounds.

Sight Words
1. everywhere
2. live
3. machines
4. move
5. woman
6. work
7. world

1. astronaut
2. gravity
3. telescope
4. shuttle
5. ascend
6. descend
Hat day- Fridays are now hat day at OEMS. Students can pay $1 to wear their hat in school all day. All money raised will go to our PBIS groups to pay for items for the Sawbuck store and attendance rewards. The funds raised in the first month will go to helping schools in Oregon and Washington that were affected by fires.

Seahawks Thursdays- We are celebrating our favorite football team on Thursdays. Students and teachers are encouraged to wear Seahawks gear on Thursdays.

Reading - We are currently working on being able to find the main idea and details of a story.

Students should be able to tell what the story (or section) is all about and give details that support the main idea.

Remember to have your child read at least 20 minutes every day at home and fill out those reading logs.

Math- We are still working on fluently adding and subtracting within 20, but now we are adding in one step word problems. We are looking for keywords and important information in a word problem so we can figure out how to solve it.

Health and Wellness- We're back to school and the kids are sharing germs! Remind your child to wash their hands frequently with soap and warm water. Also, remind them to cover their sneezes and coughs with their arm instead of their hand. You can take extra precautions by washing their lunch boxes, backpacks and coats frequently. 

Specialist Schedule

Mondays- Music
Tuesdays- Library
Wednesdays- P.E.
Thursdays- Computers

*Please dress appropriately on PE days with good shoes for running. Tennis shoes are recommended.

Upcoming Dates

9/22- First hat day

*If you have read this page send a note with your child (or just have them tell me). I'll give your child a small treat!