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Kerry Vance

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Kerry Vance

Elementary PE Teacher
   Physical Education betters the body and soul, just as math and science better the mind. It is through this principle that Physical Education should be a part of each and every student’s education.

   Physical Education creates well-rounded, healthy individuals through a variety of activities and movement.

   Physical Education opens students’ eyes to ways of living life actively. It shows students ways to be fit for a lifetime and exposes them to activities to which they might not otherwise be exposed. 

   These are the issues that drew me to this profession, the ability to help students be fit for life. 

   Joe DiMaggio said “Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success”. In my classroom, I will create a very open and friendly environment, where students can be free to express themselves and try new activities without fear of rejection or humility. Students will be asked to better themselves and not worry what others are doing.


Daily Schedule

Monday                                                Tuesday

8:35-9:15        Smaciarz                        Morast
9:15-9:55        Sanders                        Ball
10:10-10:50        Disney                            Waag
12:50-1:30       Nelson                            Oien
1:30-2:10        Thayer                            Rushton
2:25-3:05        Card                                Olsen


8:25-8:50               Morast/Annan
8:50-9:15                  Ball/Flitton
9:15-9:40               Waag/Miloff
9:55-10:20                   Oien/Wentzel
10:20-10:45                Perkinson/Rushton
12:30-12:55                   Olsen/Stonum

Thursday                                                Friday

8:35-9:15            Smaciarz                            Annan
9:15-9:55            Sanders                            Flitton
10:10-10:50          Disney                       Miloff
12:50-1:30            Wentzel                           Nelson
1:30-2:10                Thayer                    Perkinson
2:25-3:05                Card                        Stonum

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