About Me
Hello! My name is Mr. Annan and this is my fourth year teaching 5th grade at Onalaska. This year I am teaching Science. More accurately, we'll be covering Physical Sciences, Biology, Astronomy, and Chemistry. Be sure to head over to my classroom page HERE to see what we've been experimenting on in our labs!

Weekly Format
For 5th grade this year, students will be rotating between the three 5th grade teachers to be taught their core subjects. Mr. Smaciarz will be teaching Math, Mrs. Gustafson will be teaching ELA, and I will be teaching Science.We believe that students beginning a rotating schedule in 5th grade is a great preview for middle school. In middle school they will go from rotating to three different classes, to seven. 

Grading Policy and Missing Work
Students are responsible for all work assigned each week. Homework will always be do on a Friday, unless otherwise stated. Homework is considered LATE if it is not completed and turned in by Friday of the assigned week. LATE work will be docked points from the overall score. This format was designed to fit a routine that is upheld throughout the year. Students have been informed that all weekly work is located in the classroom and readily available to them each week. In the event of absence students are required to grab missing work for the days missed. In the event of an extended absence, students are required to request work prior to absence.

Contact Information:
OEMS Office: 360-978-4111, press 1 to skip announcements, then ext.121