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Marc Annan

Class Overview
We as a class will be working heavily on writing conventions this year. Writing can be a daunting task! I believe that through the analysis of structure in writing, students will gain a further understanding of how great pieces of writing can come life!

Each week students will be given a unit homework packet for the week. This packet includes all skills (including our story title, vocabulary, spelling word lists, reading comprehension skills, and word analysis) that we will be learning that week. Packets will always given out Monday and will be due on Friday (unless it is a four day week, in which case the packet will be handed out on a Tuesday or due on a Thursday etc.). At the end of each week students will be given our unit assessment along with a spelling test.

Grading Policy and Missing Work
Students are responsible for all work assigned each week. Homework packets are considered LATE if they are not completed and turned in by Friday of that week. LATE work will be docked points from the overall score. This format was designed to fit a routine that is upheld throughout the year. Students have been informed that all weekly work is located in the classroom and readily available to them each week. In the event of absence students are required to grab missing work for the days missed. In the event of an extended absence, students are required to request work prior to absence.