Mrs. Flitton's 4th Grade 
Contact Information
Rachel Flitton
Phone: 360-978-4111 ext. 242
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About Me
This is my first year teaching at Onalaska Elementary! I am from Spokane, WA and went to Washington State University for my bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Sciences. I worked in that field for a few years and then went back to school to pursue teaching. I obtained my master's degree from Western Governors University. I am SO happy to be teaching at Onalaska Elementary!

Regular Schedule                                                            Early Release Schedule
8:15-9:15          Math                                                                    8:15-8:45         Math
9:15-9:30          Recess                                                                 8:45-9:15          Specialist
9:30-10:15        Specialist                                                             9:15-9:30          Recess
10:15-11:00      Math Success                                                       9:30-11:00        Core Flex
11:00-11:20      Reading Trail                                                       11:00-11:20      Reading Trail
11:20-11:45      Lunch                                                                  11:20-11:45      Lunch
11:45-12:05      Recess                                                                 11:45-12:05      Recess
12:05-12:50      Reading                                                               12:05-12:50      Reading/Writing
12:50-1:25        Writing                                                                12:50-1:00        Pack up & Dismissal
1:25-2:10          Reading Success
2:10-2:25          Recess
2:25-3:00          Science/Social Studies
3:00-3:10          Pack up & Dismissal

Specialist Schedule
Monday - Computers
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - PE
Thursday - Library
Friday - PE

Classroom Expectations
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Kind
Be Engaged

Reading Trail
The fourth grade classrooms are all participating in a Reading Trail Challenge this school year.  The challenge is for every student to read at least 30 books by the end of the school year.  Each time a book is completed, the student meets with the teacher to discuss the book and complete any task that may be required.  Students are given class time each day to work on the Reading Trail Challenge and meet with the teacher.  They are also expected to work on this challenge at home.  The at home reading log that is part of the weekly homework should reflect the books students are reading for the challenge.  When a book is completed and the teacher has signed off, the student moves his/her marker to the next location on the Reading Trail map in our classroom!  

Homework Expectations
Homework is given each Friday and is due the following Friday. Homework consists of a reading log, math practice, reading strategy practice, and spelling practice. The reading log must be filled out each day. it is expected that students will read 20 minutes each night.